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Welcome to G. W. A. S.

GWAS was formed in 1988?  by a small group of villagers who shared a passion for wine. In those days it was an excuse for friends to get together in the village hall and sample the fruits of their own labours. After a while however,  and realising that their wine making skills were not improving, one brave member ‘Haydn Williams’ dared to suggest that they tried appreciating commercial wines.

Nowadays, GWAS is a friendly, informal group of some 90 members and until recently, was hosted by Bruce Townsend. In January 2013,  Bruce handed the mantle over to Ian Johns .
The meetings are fun and informative. We normally sample 7 wines, with plentiful supply of bread and cheese.
We meet about 6 times a year, with different members organising each one.

Forth coming meetings:restaurant.decor.White.Wine.Bottle.Glass.Grapes
Friday 24th May  :  A GWAS Tasting featuring wines from ‘The Wine Society’
Saturday 13th July  :  Summer BBQ
Friday 6th September  :  Mark Homer and friends.
Friday 18th October  : TBA
Friday 6th December  :  Christmas Meeting


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